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Salary certificate 28.12.2021

Adapted questions and answers (FAQ) on the salary certificate

Expanded FAQs on the salary certificate On 28.12.2021, the tax authorities (SSK working group on salary statements = AGLA) published the adapted questions and answers regarding the salary certificate. A considerable amount has remained the same, which was to be expected. A few questions and answers are new, others have been added. The additions mainly […]
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Salary certificate 14.12.2021

Home office expenses and other updates: New Sample of Expense Regulations of the SSK and Guideline Salary Certificate 2022 published

The Swiss Tax Conference (SSK) published the new model expenses regulations on 13 Dec 2021. A working group had the task of creating an updated baseline. Expense regulations that are approved by the tax authorities in the company’s canton of domicile should be accepted by all other cantons. A prerequisite, however, is that the competent […]
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Tax at source 24.11.2021

Questions and answers on withholding taxes for employers

In cooperation with the SSK working group on withholding taxes, the federal tax administration (FTA) published questions and answers (FAQs) on circular no. 45 on 23 November 2021. These contain frequently asked questions from the practice. The new regulations have been in force since 1.1.2021 and companies, insurers and compensation offices (SSL) have had to […]
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Tax at source 10.09.2021

Tax at source news

The new regulations came into force on 1.1.2021. However, not everything is clear yet. Even though the circular letter no. 45 of the FTA contains many pages, not all details can be covered. I will take up some of the topics and explain them here. E.G. Relevant canton for withholding taxes Calculations (payments after leaving, […]
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