HR and Payroll in constant change

The constantly changing conditions in a company as well as the legal changes do not bypass an HR / Payroll department.

I will accompany you selectively or comprehensively.


How must HR and Payroll align themselves in order to continuously meet the new requirements? With my many years of experience, I will be happy to advise you.

Spin-offs and mergers

Which areas require special attention in order to comply with the various legal regulations of your staff? Secure your professional support!

International orientation

Are you planning to expand? Then there are various points to consider in the area of HR / Payroll. The various regulations for the consistent provision of employment terms and conditions and the exchange of employees between different countries etc. are only a few of numerous issues.

Flexible Working

What impact does the demand for “flexible working” have for the contracts and regulations of your employees? How is home office contractually structured and what are the consequences, especially in a cross-border context?

External employees

Aren’t your external employees just regular employees after all? The risks of a false assessment can be very high. Ask the right questions to avoid being surprised.

Andreas Buchs, Director of Studies CAS Payroll Expert
Brigitte Zulauf has a lot of practical experience in the field of payroll accounting and is an accomplished lecturer - a real stroke of luck for our CAS Payroll Expert!

Nice to have you here. Would you like to make an appointment?

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