Events and workshops

The focus of my seminars and workshops is on current topics around payroll with the legislation of Switzerland and in the cross-border context.

I offer standard courses and company-specific workshops in German or English:

  • All around employer taxes in a national and international environment (tax at source, official year end certificate for tax purposes)
  • Swiss and international social security
  • Swiss payroll and reporting, shadow payroll
  • Work permits, staff lending, expense and HR regulations etc.
  • Employment stock in payroll in a national and international environment
If you are interested about a topic above, contact me.

Planned standard courses in English

Seminar title
Seminar No.
Basic training and updates on the Swiss salary certificate (year end wage statement)
On each occasion 9.30 - 13:00 Swiss time
Virtual training (Zoom)

Basic salary certificate training and specific questions for 2023 / 2024 spread over 2 mornings 2.11. and 3.11.

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