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Would you like to receive an external assessment of a specific person or situation regarding need for action or would you like to know the impact?

Would you then like to practically implement this right away?

If so, you have come to the right place!


Do you require an assessment concerning the situation of one of your (potential) employees?

There are often many aspects to consider: Permits, social security, taxes, withholding taxes, salary certificate, staff lending, secondments or international assignments, preparation or review of contracts, etc.

No matter how big your company is: I will support you.

Implementation in payroll accounting

Do you have a special case for which your payroll system is not set up?

In that case, we evaluate the possibilities together and seek the best possible solution; if necessary, also in consultation with the competent authorities.

Correct social insurance subordination / taxation

The complexity of social security and taxation has increased due to the mobility of employees.

Is your employee being processed in the correct social security system (country)? How can this be implemented? What are the implications for contracts and regulations as well as for your Swiss payroll accounting? Where is the employee liable for taxes and what are the resulting employer obligations?

I will gladly support you with the practical implementation.

Board of Directors

In the case of directors, there are particular issues in relation to employer obligations and processing. Is it correct for the board of directors to send an invoice or does it have to be processed through payroll? And what about a member of the board living abroad?

I would gladly support you in answering these questions and show you how to correctly handle the topics around board members.

Employee without an employer liable to pay contributions

If you have to process an employee without an employer in Switzerland who is liable to pay social security contributions, different varieties in handling have to be checked – whether it is an EU case or not.

I will support you with the set-up and ongoing questions and processing as an extended arm of the missing Swiss HR department.

Expatriates and project workers

Often these cases are not processed in the regular payroll because of their increased complexity. How are the foreign currency elements to be considered? What information is needed to obtain a complete payroll?

I will support you with the set-up and ongoing questions.

Ingo Heymanns, VR President, Managing Director
In my many years of working with Brigitte Zulauf [at PwC], I have come to know her as someone who approaches issues in a solution-oriented and practical manner; and who can draw on her broad wealth of knowledge and experience from a wide variety of tax and legal fields to find holistic answers.


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Information and documentation obligations for employers regarding data exchange with France and Italy

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