Systems and Outsourcing

Do you want to evaluate the possibilities of the payroll solution integrated into your HR and accounting environment? Or do you already have a clear concept?

I will gladly support you selectively or comprehensively in finding an in-house or outsourcing solution.

Make-or-buy decision

I will gladly elaborate with you the criteria for a decision as to whether you want to handle payroll and HR administration internally or whether outsourcing is the right solution for you.

In this process, your own resources, complexity, interconnectedness, short-, medium- and long-term goals, investment protection, flexibility, etc. are just a few keywords in a comprehensive catalogue of questions.

Once this decision has been made, it is a matter of finding the optimal solution.

Requirements / specifications

Whether in-house or outsourced: an analysis of the mandatory requirements is always a prerequisite for obtaining what you had in mind. A well-documented and prepared wage type master with all compulsory activities, wage statement allocation and financial accounting-relevant information is only one of many elements.

Project support

Has a decision already been made, and would you now prefer professional assistance?

Whether you are introducing a new system or rerouting the processes for outsourcing: Resources are often tight. And once the implementation is complete, you need to ensure that it functions flawlessly. I will support you in this.

Services for outsourcers and implementers

Does your customer need technical input, and can you not meet this in terms of resources or technical know-how? In that case I can support you; e.g. regarding:

  • Blueprint of the wage type master
  • Expatriates, split contracts, foreign social insurances, shadow payroll
  • Cross-border commuters, international weekly commuters and exclusion of foreign working days
  • Employee participation plans and other special benefits
  • Net to gross calculations

Contract review

Of course, you want to obtain a solution that meets your requirements. But is that reflected in the contract? Is it clear what the set-up costs are and what you must anticipate annually thereafter?

And how flexible is the solution in a constantly changing environment – be it legal changes or caused by the company itself?

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Hans Strittmatter, Attorney at Law, Managing Director
Brigitte Zulauf knows the needs of SMEs. Her profound expertise and experience guarantee competent advice.


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